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nurturing needles
What a day!
After a really rough morning, I was exhausted by noon and slept for three hours!I just was so frustrated, because I couldn't get anyone but the Paramus police to take me seriously.I've all but given up on Patty. Right now, she's out with a friend, dressed like a "lady of the night." I can't take the perfume she bathes in any longer. While I was sitting in my living room reading today's Record, I saw a car go very slowly past my house. Then, whoever it was stopped for a brief moment RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! I couldn't get on Facebok to notify the police, because someone hacked into my account AND my email.So, I waited an hour. In the meantime, I got my new digital camera and opened the front blinds all the way up.Then I made a sign that said 'Never mind the dog (and we do have one) --Beware of the OWNER! And he doesn't even have a gun!" I put the sign on the front door. Then I called the Paramus police on their non-emergency line. I had to take out my hering aid because I can hear... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
If you wanna say something say it now
M9999 after four days of somewhat having cabin fever I have been out a lot in 24 hours! Yesterday I got a blood test to see if my glange is going away and then went to the library and had lunch with Nour, Camilla, Eline and Rebecca and then to do work which is shit but I'm nearly done with my essay! I came home to have a rest and then in the evening, me, Nour, Eline, Camilla, Heidi and Viktor went to Spoons and Amalie and Kathrine came later which was nice It was a good evening, I loooove Captain Morgan's spiced rum and got tipsy spending £11 which is like so good! It was just fun and nice to spend time out the house and it was convenient too, there's not much more to say because nothing really special happened Today was Rebecca's birthday and it was such a good day! Me, Eline, Camilla and Nour got the tube to Gloucester Road and met Sam, Mary, Rebecca, Ellie, Hollie, Paige and Hannah (boring lol) at the Diner in South Kensington and had to split into two tables and me, Nour,... (more)

all who serve
Verse Then he called his disciples and said to them, ‘Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury.' Mark 12:43 Voice People may come to our communities because they want to serve the poor; they will only stay once they have discovered that they themselves are poor. Jean Vanier Prayer God, may all who serve the poor do so in humility. May our service reveal our own poverty. And may we honor the contribution of the poor widow just as we honor the gifts of the wealthy. Amen.

Kapeng Barako
Maraming tsismis tungkol sa boyfriend mo. Tamad at di naman magaling sa trabaho pero halos taun-taon na lang kung ma-promote. Bulung-bulungan sa opis na ikaw na kanyang team lead ang dahilan kaya siya napo-promote. Kamakailan naramdaman mong nanlalamig siya sa iyo. Lagi siyang busy at di ka na niya nasasamahan kumain at lumabas. Break time. Niyaya mo siyang kumain. May meeting daw siya. Sinama mo ang bestfriend mo para bumili ng pagkain. Kinuwento mo sa kanya ang problema mo sa love life. Napadaan kayo sa Starbucks. Hayun ang jowa mo may kasamang iba. Ibang lalake. Yung bading na manager ninyo. Napaitan ka bigla sa kapeng paborito mong inumin.

Tracy King
ca real estate:
victory park neighborhoo

As of the last quarter of 2014, Pasadena, CA homes remain a hot commodity in the real estate market. Pasadena real estate, in general, has proven itself to be recession-proof and homes for sale in Pasadena have consistently retained their value through the ups and downs of the market. For that reason, Victory Park is one particular neighborhood that has seen a lot of action from homebuyers and home sellers alike. Victory Park is an urban neighborhood located in East Pasadena. It is located south of New York Drive and north of Orange Grove Boulevard with Altadena Drive to the west and Sierra Madre Boulevard to the east. Victory Park is named after a beautiful park that resides in the middle of this unique neighborhood. This park was originally built as a military airfield. The main headquarters to the Internet provider, Earthlink, reside in Victory Park. Victory Park is an educational district full of schools and learning centers. The two schools are Wilson Middle School and... (more)

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